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Identifying And Cleaning Up Cat Urine

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There are several methods you can use to identify and clean up cat urine after you have concluded that you have a cat who is not using the litter box for a medical or behavioral reason. The first step is identifying which cat is urinating where they should not

Neko Flies Ultimate TeleScoping Rod Toy Review

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Nekochan Enterprises is a company that specializes in crafting and selling high quality pet products. The most famous line of toys that they sell are called Neko Flies which attach to a cat toy called the Neko Flies Ultimate Cat Rod. The company was started by Ellen Tsyuki who

How To Stop Your Cat From Urinating On Your Bed

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It can be tragic news to hear that your cat is urinating on your bed where you have been sleeping or on your children’s bed where they have been sleeping. The bed is a very common location for inappropriate urination and is one behavior that owners take notice to

Sentry Calming Cat Collar Review

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The calming cat collar made by Sentry has been proven to modify behavioral problems such as urine marking, destructive clawing, or aggressive behaviors. All you need to do is place the collar around your cat’s neck, adjust the cat collar then cut off the excess. The collar has a

Kitten Care And Development Guide

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Growth And Development Kittens weigh an average of 4 ounces at birth and gain about half an ounce everyday or 4 ounces per week after being born. You can weigh a kitten to obtain an age estimate without having to look at the teeth if that proves too difficult for a
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