Bird Catcher Pro Plus Feather Toy Review

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Bird Catcher Pro

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Bird Catcher Pro Plus is a toy sold by Pets Can Play. This toy was sent to me for an honest review. What I first noticed about this toy is the high quality rod which does not break under pressure from even my biggest cat. Even jumping on the rod and rushing at it from a distance does not seem to put any strain on the rod.

The next feature that caught my eye is the very comfortable handle which is far superior to that of other rod toys I have found on the market. The handle is uniquely easy to grasp and hold on to for a long period of time without making your hand feel tired.

Bird Catcher Pro Packaging

Bird Catcher Pro Packaging

The most remarkable part of the packaging was that the toy came with a high quality storage bag for holding the rod and feathers which is useful in my job as a cat behaviorist. I will keep the bag for transporting the toy to and from behavior consultations. The toy is extremely easy to store since it retracts back to the original size from the 3 feet extendable size.

High Quality And Convenient

The handle is made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials. The pole is three feet long when retracted which is made of very strong fiberglass. I compared the handle of this toy to Da Bird by Go Cat and could see the difference immediately. The biggest difference is that this toy is the telescoping feature, stronger rod design, and more interesting feather attachments.

Bird Catcher Pro Extended

Bird Catcher Pro Extended

The handle is cushioned which is something I have not seen on very many cats toys. I would prefer more toys utilize the cushioned hands that this toy has as it allows ease of control and comfort for the user for long play sessions.

The feathers are better made and tons more interesting than the feathers that come with Da Bird and other popular feather toys. The Guinea Fowl Peacock Feather is definitely longer, wider and more durable than Da Bird feather attachments. The Bird Catcher Pro collection even includes a replacement string which Da Bird does not include in replacement packages.

Replacement Feathers

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Perhaps the most interesting characteristic about the feather attachments is that they come with removable bells. This is helpful because some cats love to hunt bells while other cats can be afraid of them. You can hide the toy in cardboard boxes or behind walls then make small noise with the bell to mentally stimulate your cat by allowing them to hunt by sound. The plus package even includes a mouse attachment for the ground dwellers who prefer mice to birds.

The Opinion Of My Cats

All of my cats were flying through the air and jumping through cat tunnels to catch it. They would even scale my Catty Stacks tower or my Kitty City Mega Kit to grab it.  My newest Siamese kitten would play with it for 20 minutes or until he became too exhausted to pounce anymore. My Maine Coon and Siberian cats who are about 16 pounds prefer to hide and pounce on the toy rather than attack it in plain sight.

The toy held up really well with my Siberian who is my most aggressive cat when it comes to play. He will literally bite the toy and take it away from me so he can carry it to where he wants to play with it at.

The sound that the feathers make when flying it across the room and the visual appearance of the feather while flying is very realistic and is close to what you would expect from a real bird. The closer we can get to what a cat will actually chase in the wild, the better chance we stand to provide them with what they actually need to be happy.

This toy has outclassed and beat Da Bird and other popular feather toys by a large margin on various fronts such as design, usability, and durability. I now recommend this toy above most feather toys as the go to toy for cats who are high flyers so to speak.

As with all toys – using them in conjunction with cat tunnels, cat towers or cat trees, and shelving units will make the experience much better. Read my guide on play therapy by clicking here. Please keep all interactive wand toys put up when they are not in use to prevent product damage or accidental ingestion.

  • Durability - 8/10
  • Aesthetics - 9/10
  • Features - 9/10
  • Unique - 9/10
  • Value - 10/10
  • Comfort - 8/10
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