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Each Kitten Can Have A Different Father

Each kitten in a litter can have a different father but all belong to the same mother cat. This is completely natural for animals that have offspring in litters rather than just one or two offspring from each mating. When a mammal is able to conceive offspring that will

Siberian Cat Breed

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Siberian Cat History The Siberian cat derives from the northern part of Russia and was first exhibited in cat shows around the 19th century time period. The official name of this breed is the Siberian Forest Cat. Cat care books that featured the Siberian breed was first seen around

Siamese Kittens Are Born Pure White

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Siamese cats are born white and develop points as they grow older. This genetic coat abnormality is classified into the albinism family. Siamese cats don’t come out of the womb with points right away. Theory suggests that point development is mainly controlled by temperature. In the mother’s womb, it

Balinese Cat Breed

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History of the Balinese The Balinese obtained their name from graceful dancers on the Indonesian island of Bali. The Balinese is considered to be the longhaired variant of the Siamese. It is thought that this long haired combination is the result of breeding a Siamese with the Persian or

Ragdoll Cat Breed

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History of the Ragdoll The Ragdoll was developed in 1960 by an American breeder known as Ann Baker. They are loved for their beautiful blue eyes, large body size, and eagerness to show their affection toward their owners. It is theorized that a white domestic long haired cat who
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