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Cat Flea Preventative And Treatment Options

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Flea preventatives are available in sprays, dips, pills, spot on treatments, and shots. You can purchase almost any flea product through your veterinarian or in a local Petco store. I strongly recommend that people avoid buying flea products at other retail stores such as Walmart because they are often

Ear Mites in Cats and Dogs: Infection Symptoms

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Ear mites are eight legged parasites that feed on the wax inside of a cat’s or dog’s ear canal in order to survive. Ear mites have a three-week life cycle and can only be well viewed with a microscope or a high power magnifying glass. Ear mites are well

Understanding and Eliminating Fleas

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Fleas or Siphonaptera have a big reputation as being one of the nastiest and annoying insects that humans have to deal with each year. There are over two thousand species of fleas, all of which suck blood and can cause a plethora of problems in pets and humans. Almost
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