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Sentry Calming Cat Collar Review

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The calming cat collar made by Sentry has been proven to modify behavioral problems such as urine marking, destructive clawing, or aggressive behaviors. All you need to do is place the collar around your cat’s neck, adjust the cat collar then cut off the excess. The collar has a

Petmate Giant Litter Pan For Big Cats Review

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This litter box is specifically designed for simple cleaning and has several compartments on the side of the box. You can store your litter scoop and your bags in the compartments for easy access. This box features microban technology which will prevent stain and odor accumulation. Perhaps the most

SSSCat Training Aid and Deterrent Review

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SSScat is a commercially bought deterrent for preventing felines from going where their owners do not want them to be or from participating in unwanted behavior such as scratching furniture or curtains. This is one of the most humane and effective deterrents that are available on the market and

Feliway Is a Great Behavioral Aid for Stressed Cats

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Feliway is a ground breaking behavioral aid that is routinely used for cats that are stressed, sick, or new to an environment. Feliway is also used in situations where you want to modify a cat’s behavior such as spraying, marking, or scratching. Feliway has a high rate of success
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