Choosing The Best Bowl For Your Cat

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Cat Eating From Ceramic Bowl

Cat Eating From Ceramic Bowl

Deciding the best kind and size of bowl to use for your cat may seem hard at first  since there is a vast array of choices available at various pet stores. There is plenty of options such as plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel. The ideal bowl should meet several characteristics which I will analyze in this article so that you can make a choice based on research.

Plastic Bowls Are Out

I always advise against using plastic bowls because they can cause medical issues for your cat and are harder to clean than stainless steel or ceramic is. The two most common conditions that can occur with using plastic bowls is rodent ulcer formation and feline acne. Both conditions can be annoying or painful which can lead to avoidance of the food or water bowls.

Plastic bowls can get scratched easily and start to harbor bacteria which can then invade the water or food that is placed in the bowl. Extra bacteria in the water bowl can lead to urinary tract infections and other medical problems. Hard water deposits and hard water buildup is much harder to remove from plastic than stainless steel or ceramic bowls which can cause the same issues.

Ceramic Or Stainless Steel

Both options are acceptable because they are easy to clean and are not easily scratched like plastic is. Ceramic may be easier to put through a dish washer than stainless steel but can break if dropped too hard.  My favorite ceramic bowl is the CatGuru Premium Cat Bowl because it prevents whisker fatigue for cats. Ceramic bowls are often pretty as well which can complement your house decor more than stainless steel can.

Stainless steel is still recommended over ceramic for animal shelters or rescues since it is easier to disinfect than ceramic. My favorite stainless steel bowl is the Dr. Catsby’s Food Bowl for Whisker Relief. This stainless steel bowl prevents whisker fatigue just like the CatGuru Premium Bowl does. Both bowls work great for whisker fatigue but the best bowl really depends on your preference of stainless steel or ceramic.

Automatic Bowl Versus Regular Bowl

It can be easy to fall into a trap of setting an automatic feeder to feed your cat because you are busy or work long hours. The problem I have with most automatic feeding devices is that they are usually plastic and have a small area to eat from when compared to nearly any other bowl.

Automatic feeding devices also may lead to obesity as a result of over eating. Obesity can lead to an increased risk of heart disease or health problems if your pet had to be put under anesthesia for a dental or other procedure.

Regular bowls are more suited toward preventing whisker fatigue than automatic feeding devices. Whisker fatigue occurs when your cat’s whiskers contact the sides of a food or water bowl. The best regular bowl to purchase is a wide but shallow dish. Dishes that are too deep is the primary cause of whisker fatigue.

Final Tips and Tricks

Each cat will need their own food bowl to prevent resource hoarding or food gaurding. One or two water bowls is often suitable for multiple cats since cats do not drink much. The ideal drinking bowl is the 360 drink well water fountain as it promotes the drinking of water which can prevent urinary issue later in life.

Empty the water bowl every day to prevent hard water build up and mineral build up which can cause illness. Food bowls can be topped off and dumped about once per week or as needed if it gets dirty. Replace your bowls every few years as they get wear and tear which can make them unacceptable to use. Stainless steel will always last longer than ceramic which will last longer than plastic.


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