Dr. Catsby’s Whisker Relief Cat Bowl Product Review

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Dr. Catsby's Whisker Relief Bowl

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This stainless steel bowl is more than just a fancy food dish which will complement your house decor, Dr. Catsby’s Whisker Relief bowl is one hundred percent effective at ending whisker fatigue. Every cat guardian should be familiar with whisker fatigue and how it can cause their cat to eat less or stop all together. The solution to whisker fatigue is simple and is discussed in this article.

Whisker Fatigue

Cat whiskers or vibrissae are very sensitive and are used to help negotiate tight spaces and help them maneuver dark areas by detecting air currents caused by motion. The whiskers will send complex messages to the cat’s nervous system to help determine the location, size, and texture of the objects they come in contact with.

The cat’s whiskers have an important role and are used frequently which can lead to sensory overload if they are allowed to touch too many things in one day. The problem is that most food bowls and water bowls are not designed to prevent the whiskers from touching the sides each time they eat or drink because they are not well designed.

Signs of Whisker Fatigue:

  • Dropping food
  • Knocking food out of bowl
  • Lack of eating or drinking
  • Drinking water off paw

The sensation of all 24 whiskers touching the side of a stainless steel bowl each time they need a drink or want to eat can create a negative association of pain or displeasure. Most bowls you find are too deep to be useful for your cat. The displeasure for your cat and subsequent avoidance of the bowl can lead to lack of eating and avoidance of the food or water bowls which can lead to aggression, undernourishment and illness.

The Solution To Whisker Fatigue

Dr. Catsby's Packaging

Great Packaging! – Buy Here!

The simplest solution for whisker fatigue is to remove all deep bowls and bowls that are not stainless steel. Plastic bowls can lead to feline acne and rodent ulcers which can be painful and hard to treat. You need to triple check that the bowls you switch to are narrow and small enough so that your cat’s whiskers do not touch the sides of the bowl when they eat or drink. A completely flat bowl is advised in most situations.

The best bowl for preventing whisker fatigue is Dr. Catsby’s Food Bowl For Whisker Relief which is priced at $20 on Amazon. Doctor Catsby’s bowl is the most shallow food bowl that you can find and is made of top quality stainless steel to prevent stains, whisker fatigue, acne, and rodent ulcers. The bowl holds up extremely well to bleach and Trifectant for disinfection purposes. The bowl even comes with a free no-slip mat to place underneath the bowl. The mat is made of food grade silicone.

Benefits Of Dr. Catsby’s Bowl:

  • Prevents whisker fatigue
  • Prevents acne
  • Prevents rodent ulcers
  • Ergonomic design
  • Modern looking
  • Easy to disinfectant
  • Ideal food volume
  • Stainless steel

I have 15 cats who were very excited to use this bowl and took to it right away. All of my cats except for one cat preferred the whisker fatigue bowl over every other bowl that I presented to them. Don’t forget that your cat will need a wide water dish too. The best water bowl for cats that have whisker fatigue is the raised water bowl sold by Necoichi which can be found here.

  • Cleaning - 10/10
  • Durability - 9/10
  • Aesthetics - 10/10
  • Unique - 9/10
  • Quality - 10/10
  • Satisfaction - 10/10
  • Price - 7/10
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