Identifying And Cleaning Up Cat Urine

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Cat Urine Identification

Cat Urine Identification

There are several methods you can use to identify and clean up cat urine after you have concluded that you have a cat who is not using the litter box for a medical or behavioral reason. The first step is identifying which cat is urinating where they should not by monitoring their daily habits.

You can locate every urine spot by using an ultra violet light which will cause the urine to fluoresce. The best ultra violet light tool is 100 LED at a minimum to provide the largest field of vision. The three part plan is identification, cleaning, and prevention on a long term scale which we will be looking at in this article.

Identification of Cat Urine

Purchase any black light and take a good look around your house for about an hour. Thoroughly shine the light on any crevice or corners that your corner might have sprayed including window curtains and doors. There are several good lights you can consider buying but the best one that I have used in my consultations is the uvBeast black light.

The second best black light device after the uvBeast is the UV black light by iLumen8 which is just as powerful but a little cheaper to buy. I advise that you not use a cheap light for the purpose of detecting cat urine or you could end up disappointed by the fact that you did not catch all of the spots. Failing to identify even one spot that is laden with cat urine smell can lead to disaster.

Identifying The Culprit

Identifying the culprit can take some time and strategy but I advise that you use several of the methods below at the same time so you can catch the cat who is urinating in unwanted locations quickly.

Catching The Cat In The Act

This method is the hardest because your cat might be doing this while you are gone at work or sleeping. The benefit of this method is that it leaves absolutely no doubt as to who the perpetrator is. I do not recommend this method because it is not very practical.

Video Surveillance

This method works quite well because a cat tends to return to the same spot that they have marked time and time again which makes it an easy job for you to identify the perpetrator. You simply need to buy any camera that can transmit video footage to your computer for reviewing at a later time.  I really recommend the video surveillance cameras that send the feed straight to your smart phone for easy viewing.


You can use a fluorescent dye to identify which cat is marking or urinating in spots that you wish he would not. This is the same substance used in ultraviolet lights and used to detect eye injuries. This is administered to your cat in the form of a fluorescein capsule for a couple of days.

You can use an ultra violet light to detect urine after your cat has ingested the harmless capsule and have had some time to wonder around the house. You should always start with the litterbox because if it lights up green then that means you have at least one cat who is using the litterbox. A green coloring on the furniture or anywhere else like a rug or carpet indicates that a cat has urinated in those locations.


The cheapest option of identifying the culprit cat is to separate each cat into a separate room. You want to keep them confined until they urinate in the box or elsewhere. Know that the cat may urinate in the box when confined or a variety of reasons so you may need to resort to using fluorescein capsules or black lights.

Cleaning Up Cat Urine

Cleaning up cat urine begins with using the right enzymatic cleaner to remove any traces of urine from the house as the smell of urine can draw a cat right back to using those same locations. Never use anything other than an enzymatic cleaner or you risk not removing all identifiable traces of urine.

Most people make the mistake of using bleach which can cause damage to the substrates and combine with the ammonia in the pee to create mustard gas. Below you will find several different options that you can choose from to use for your cleaning arsenal. Regardless of which solution you believe in, it is important to follow the instructions closely so there is no faint smell of cat urine left.

Nature’s Miracle

This solution is sold in gallon jugs and 32 ounce containers. Nature’s Miracle can be used on carpets, floors, clothing, and more without any risk of damage. I always advise that you test a sample spot prior to applying it to an entire area. This is the favorite product of Pam Johnson, a well known and renown cat behaviorist working in the United Kingdoms.

There is a regular strength version and an advanced formula which is more expensive. The advanced version is much more powerful than the regular version and may even be as powerful as Fizzion.


Fizzion can be bought several different ways from Amazon or Petco. You can purchase the most popular set which includes a 23 ounce empty spray bottle with two tablets for making two full bottles of solution. You may just buy the 8 tablet pack and some empty spray bottles at Walmart in order to save money. This is the favorite option for Jackson Galaxy who is the host of My Cat From Hell for the removal of cat urine smell. There is even a special 10 pack tablet option for you to buy which has his picture on the packaging.

I prefer Fizzion over Nature’s Miracle and feel it is much more powerful when it comes to removing persistent urine stains and smells. Fizzion is very versatile like Nature’s Miracle and can be used on a variety of textures such as the couch, carpet, and clothing. I have even used this powerful formulation to remove chocolate stains, wine stains, and Kool-Aid stains without fail.


This is a relatively cheaper product and is not as heavily marketed as Fizzion or Nature’s Miracle but can work just as good if you are on a low budget. This product is better for animal shelters and some cat owners because it is a disinfectant, odor eliminator, and air freshener all in one.

It should not be used as the sole disinfectant because it is simply not powerful enough to kill certain diseases such as upper respiratory infection. The best place to buy this product from is Amazon because they have the best pricing available for this specific product.

Prevention Of Inappropriate Urination

The first step of prevention starts with a veterinary visit to rule out any medical issues that could be causing him to urinate or defecate outside of the box. This include urinary tract infections, diabetes, organ failure, arthritis, and so on. The list of medical conditions that can cause a cat to go outside of the box are almost endless.

You can start to ponder on behavioral reasons if medical reasons are ruled out for your cat’s new behavior. There is a plethora of factors that must be considered when your cat is not using the box. Below you find a few of the factors that I consider when I am doing a behavior consultation.

  • Location, size, amount of boxes
  • Type of box and how often you scoop
  • Proximity to other boxes and bowls
  • Number of cats and the age of those cats
  • Routine changes that could disrupt their lives

You can contact me if you need help with inappropriate urination for a standard fee or you can visit any of my articles on inappropriate elimination that I have authored. You can find my articles below.

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