Necoichi Food And Water Bowl Product Review

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Necoichi Bowl Set

Necoichi Bowl Set

The Necoichi’s Happy Dining Project is focused on finding the ideal feeding and water dish for cats through non-clinical and animal friendly research. They have now developed a very successful water and food bowl for cats which are becoming insanely popular with cats and their owners.

The design, weight, and material along with other important characteristics of the bowl like the elevation is what makes it a great choice for any household or animal shelter. The bowls are very stylish, do not spill, and do not create neck strain for cats or whisker fatigue which is what I look for in any bowl that I recommend to people.

This type of bowl is the one I always recommend to clients because plastic can be dangerous and some people do not like the bland look of stainless steel or the traditional ceramic bowl.

Food Bowl Features

Necoichi Food Bowl

Food Bowl – Buy Here!

The food bowl is made out of porcelain so it is very sturdy and is the perfect height for maximum comfort while eating since the esophagus follows a straight line to their stomach.

The bowl is FDA approved and is best recommended for senior animals as they do not have to bend over to eat. The food bowl is an optimal 0.65 pounds to provide the best stability. This bowl is also ideal for cats with balance issues because the cat does not have to bend down as much either.

The food is always centered so there is less stress for your cat when they have to eat. This will also make your cat believe the food dish is full because as the normal food dish empties, cats do not want to eat until it is full again. They also do not like it when the food begins to scatter toward the bowl edges so it was their goal to prevent this.

The inner lip is what prevents spillage and whisker fatigue which can deter your cat from eating the food. The best part about the food bowl is that you can throw it into the dishwasher or microwave safely for thorough cleaning. The porcelain is non-absorbent and made from clay which are both great factors of a high quality bowl.

Water Bowl Features

Necoichi Water Bowl

Water Bowl – Buy Here!

This water bowl is made from porcelain and is extremely sturdy just like the food bowl is. The water bowl weighs about the same as the food bowl which will prevent your cat from smacking the bowl around or accidentally knocking it off the table.

The raised water bowl is anatomically correct so that it does not put any additional stress on the joints or bones of your cat while they eat. This bowl is also ideal for senior cats or balance challenged cats just like the food bowl is. Neck strain is not an issue you should have to worry about when they are drinking water or eating food.

This water dish is both microwave save and dishwater safe plus it is FDA approved. The bowl is best used for senior animals so they do not have to strain their necks. The anti-spill lip on the bowl will prevent spilling water and keep water in while your pet is drinking.

There is measuring lines inside of the watering dish so you can calculate exactly how much your cat is drinking day to day. Knowing how much your cat is drinking is invaluable if your cat is sick or if you use this bowl at an animal shelter that you work at. The bowl measures up to 300 ml or 10 ounces of water which is perfect for one to two cat households. I really recommend buying two of each bowl so you can have plenty of feeding and watering stations throughout your house. Knowing exactly how much water is consumed will keep your cat’s health in check.

  • Durability - 8/10
  • Value - 8/10
  • Aesthetics - 10/10
  • Easy To Clean - 10/10
  • Unique - 10/10
  • Satisfaction - 9/10
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