Siamese Kittens Are Born Pure White

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Siamese cats are born white and develop points as they grow older. This genetic coat abnormality is classified into the albinism family.

Siamese cats don’t come out of the womb with points right away. Theory suggests that point development is mainly controlled by temperature. In the mother’s womb, it is too hot to develop points.

Points come in and turn darkest on the coolest part of the cat’s body which generally includes the extremities, nose, and ears. Other parts of the body will be lighter in color.

The development of points will start to take place on the first day of birth. However, it is very difficult to identify the the true color until one week of age for most cat owners.

Animal shelter staff or an experienced breeder who has an advanced knowledge of Siamese cats can probably tell you what color a Siamese cat is going to be around one to two weeks of age with 99% accuracy.

There are six main colors that you will see Siamese cats available in. The colors below may change some depending on if the Siamese is mixed or purebred.

Colors can include:

  • Seal pointed
  • Chocolate pointed
  • Flame pointed
  • Tortoiseshell pointed
  • Lilac pointed
  • Lynx pointed


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