SSSCat Training Aid and Deterrent Review

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Cat sprayed by SSSCA

Cat sprayed by SSSCAT which can be bought here.

SSScat is a commercially bought deterrent for preventing felines from going where their owners do not want them to be or from participating in unwanted behavior such as scratching furniture or curtains.

This is one of the most humane and effective deterrents that are available on the market and is highly used by Jackson Galaxy throughout his My Cat From Hell series.

The SSScat is a motion sensor device which will send out a puff of air once your cat comes within one meter of the device. The spray is harmless and will only frighten the cat momentarily due to your cat not knowing what is going on at first. There is no dangerous chemicals or scents added to the spray. The motion sensor is infrared and works by detecting heat signals.

What Is a Cat Deterrent Product

A cat deterrent or repellent is used to encourage a cat to stay away from an area or location by creating a negative experience for the cat which help prevent them from going to the same area or participating in the same behavior again.  A negative experience will lead up to the cat wanting to avoid the negative stimuli which will ultimately result in the behavior occurring less often in the future.

An example is being sprayed with this motion sensor device when they start to scratch a door frame. The cat will be less likely to try scratching the door frame a second time. It may take two or three times to get the idea that the spray will continually spray at them but they will get the idea after a few times and avoid the area.

Uses For the SSSCat

This product can work in many different situations and can help prevent damage by keeping your cat from scratching inappropriate surfaces or knocking valuables off your counters. The SSScat is very portable which allows for rapid relocation as needed. The device will take about 10 to 20 seconds for a complete setup.

The product will cost you about $30 for the product and about $15 per refill. Each refill will last for about 150 sprays or so before you will need to order another refill.

Some Examples Of Using SSSCat:

  • Preventing scratching of furniture
  • Stop scratching or door frames
  • Prohibiting entry into a room
  • Keeping your cat off counters and shelves
  • Protect your rugs and curtains

The Advantages of Using The SSSCat

This product is fast acting and is painless for your cat which will work effectively for a wide variety of behavioral issues. The best perk of motion sensor or automatic deterrents is that they work in the absence of the owner.

The reason we want a repellent to work in the absence of the owner is because the cat will be much less likely to repeat problem behavior. With spray bottles the cat will learn the owner is using them and know that they can perform problem behavior once the owner has left because the negative experience is no longer present.

The cat will be accessing the forbidden areas of the house or taking part in unwanted behavior when you are not watching. The cat will also associate the spray bottle with you as previously mentioned which can ruin trust and result in them becoming fearful of you. Read more about spray bottles here.

After using this product for a while you may notice that your cat will start to avoid the area that the spray is located even if it is not on. This will conserve the amount of spray in the can while keeping your cat away from the locations you do not want him to be.

The SSScat can be adjusted to spray in any direction and can be turned off when it is not in use to save battery life. This device will usually spray up to about 1 to 2 meters in distance so multiple devices will work perfectly.

The Disadvantages Of Using The SSSCat

There is three cons for owning this device. The first con is that it will take up to 4 batteries to work which are not included with the device. This will add about $3 to the expense of buying your first deterrent device.

The second issue is that it can be too frightening for timid cats or cats who are fearful of the environment to begin with. This may not be my first go to device for feral cats for instance.

The final and biggest disadvantage to this device is that it can not tell the difference between a human or cat which means you have to be careful since it reads body signals.

Some units do have a problem where they do not detect cat movement if the lightning is too dark so keep this in mind when you are setting it up and the location where you will be setting it up. A nightlight can fix most issues of the device not getting enough light for the sensor to work. The other issue with some units is that it may spray twice when it is only supposed to spray once. This has only occurred in one of the three units I bought but it is worth talking about because some people have had the same issue.

All minor problems aside, this is a very effective product and a humane solution to behavior problems. I would rather use this product over a product that can cause true pain like the Scat Mat.

  • Features - 8.5/10
  • Satisfaction - 7.5/10
  • Ease of Use - 7.5/10
  • Value - 6/10
  • Safety - 9/10
  • Effectiveness - 9/10
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