The Natural Pet Company Cat Toys Collection Product Review

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Natural Pet Company Fancy Box

Natural Pet Company Fancy Box

The Natural Pet Company is owned by Eddy who made it his mission to make high quality products that are safe, attractive, and durable. All of the toys manufactured and sold by Eddy are made from natural wood, sisal, elastic and feathers so you can have peace of mind. Your cat will be very busy developing his hunting talents with how natural these toys are.

Long Lasting And Full Of Variety

This box of toys will have enough variety to last you and your cat a very long time. There is so much to choose from that your cat will not be able to contain his excitement once you begin opening the box and sorting through them. There is seven unique toys included in every pack of toys which is extremely affordable given their unique texture and design.

Each toy is hand crafted and so well made that they will last longer than most cat toys that you can purchase from your local pet store or on Amazon. Most toys sold by this company will last your kitten until he is an adult and well beyond that if properly taken care of. Each toy is different in the way that they sound, look, and feel which presents what a kitten thrives on most which is variety and novel stimuli.

There is relatively little investment since the entire box is fifteen dollars for seven toys. I feel like the packaging had a very personal feel to it which made it less generic and more like the company really cares about their customer base. The packaging was so well done that I did not even want to damage it when opening my box.

Fortunately every toy can be placed back into the box for short or long term storage if you do not have anywhere to put them when you are cleaning up the house. This makes it the perfect toy collection for animal shelters too. The fact that every toy in this collection has a special spot, that says something about the quality of the toy collection.

Natural Pet Collection

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My cats were batting at and kicking the toys after I threw them on the floor. The toys had much more interest than any other toy I had tried prior so I was happy about that. They even had more interest than the looney loops that I had on the floor which was the previous favorite. The crowed favorite from my groups of cats was the cylinder toy because it was the most uniquely shaped in my opinion and is not something that they are used to seeing.

The wand toy was amazingly simple but enticing to the cats and was very inviting during my morning play session. The mouse had some bead like sound to it which excited the cat with every smack and pounce. The rod is very well made even though it is of natural material and will last longer than most wand toys would such as the cat charmer and Da Bird. The only downside of the wand is that I wish the string was longer and that it was extendable because that would make it more versatile for shy or scared cats. There are two mouse attachments for the wand toy which provide some variety on that front too.

This is an excellent gift for a friend for Christmas and is a great first step for a young kitten to get oriented to the world of toys and fun. Even the most picky cat is likely to have a favorite toy that they prefer from this mega pack of toys. The best part about these toys as I have already pointed out is that there is no risk of chemicals and are eco-safe on all fronts. Because the toys make a sound when smacked – hiding them in places that the cat can play with them will serve a hunt like experience for them. There is so many possibilities with this toy collection that it is worth a try for the new or experienced cat owner.

  • Durability - 9/10
  • Aesthetics - 10/10
  • Features - 8/10
  • Unique - 8.5/10
  • Value - 8.5/10
  • Fun Factor - 8/10
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