Why Blowing At Your Cat’s Face Is Not Funny

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Blowing Equals Hissing

Blowing At Your Cat Equals Hissing

Countless times a year I see new cat owners blowing in their cat’s face as an attempt to play with their cat only for them to get bitten or scratched. The owners then look confused and the cat is upset at the end of the exchange. I am then educating the owner about proper cat communication and protocols for playing with their cat in a way that is mentally and physically stimulating. Click here to read about proper play therapy for cats and what toys to utilize.

Blowing in your cat’s face is the same as hissing at your cat which sends the message that you are challenging them or threatening them in cat language. The threat is even more real because it is right in their face. It is not so shocking to see a cat retaliate with a bite to what they perceive as an preemptive attack. We are so much bigger than cats and appear as giants to them which compounds the fear of being hissed at.

Blowing At Your Cat Will Degrade Trust

Cats have their own system of socialization and body language which they use to communicate between each other. A hiss in cats can be their method of trying to intimidate the other cat or attempting to scare them away rather than fight it out.

Cats who are fearful may puff up their fur and tail along with flattening their ears against their head and hissing at the aggressor. Being blown at by you is clearly unfriendly intent which causes them to be less trusting and more fearful of people.

Some people say that blowing at a kitten to resemble hissing from a mother cat can help curb behavior problems but this is completely false and never recommended. There is much more humane and effective tactics that can be utilized to modify behavior problems such as biting or attacking humans. You can contact a cat behavior consultant for advice like me. Next time you will know what to tell your friend if he blows at your cat’s face and what not to do when your cat is acting out.

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