12 Cat Toys You Can Make Out Of Household Items

12 Cat Toys You Can Make Out Of Household Items

Indoor cats spend their time feeling bored. The lazy animal needs something to play with to fade away the laziness. Are you looking forward to having some DIY cats’ toys to keep your kitty entertained? We are going to provide you with a list of simple and inexpensive toys that is suitable for your cat to stay entertained. You don’t have to spend any money on purchasing commercial toys. Just pick your favorite method and start making a new toy for your feline friend!

It is not too long when I caught up with the fever of DIY cat toys. I have been spending time in choosing commercial toys. Cats are simple, cute, and happy animals- a little attention and simplest little things can push them. They would not demand you to purchase some expensive items just follow the guide and make some toys out of your household things.

I am sure the little creatures would love to play with them, as long as you are interacting with them.

1) A Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Roll

Shaken NOT Purred

Cat food puzzles are some of the best DIY cats’ toys. The food puzzles stimulate the cat’s mind and fulfill their hunting thirst. You can create a homemade food puzzle using a few cardboard items what we usually throw away.

Get some paper rolls or paper towel, and rolls together, put a piece of food in the middle, and witness what happens next. Your feline friend will instantly get it and make you see how they paw out the food put in the paper roll.

You can go little creative as you want, form some pyramid with the rolls and poke some holes into them. This roll will act as a dispenser, stand them up tall and see if your cat fishes out the food from it using its paws.

The possibilities of using the paper towel or toilet papers are endless. You can find some other ways to use the paper roll to get something better than this.

2) Socks

Socks can make a great toy for your feline friend when you are not there to play with them. The socks are the right item because they are not something your cat would tear off or break off and become a choking hazard.

Pour some catnip herbs in it and tie the open end, closed to make it smelling appealing.

If you have not done laundry, put some shirts and give them to it, the smell of a parent will comfort your kittie during the hours when you are not there around him in the time when you use to play with him/her.

3) Old Cat Toys:

Cats are more like children; they always tire of the old toys quite quickly. I have seen many cats parents with dozens of cat toys with which their feline friends are bored with playing.

Some experts suggest that rub the old toys with your cat’s favorite treat and make them seem newer and more appealing. The way is quite fantastic; I have tested it myself and brought forth some mesmerizing experts.

Try putting the old toys in a plastic freezer bag with some catnip herb, shake and bake a little, and within few days or hours you will see the cats are reintroduced to the toy, it’s again a new toy.

4) Hair ties

No matter how many hair ties you purchase regularly, you will never be able to find one when needed, because, between toddlers and kitties, your hair ties are missing at the moment.

If you ever made a mistake of leaving your hair ties on the table, or beside the bed, you will see that your feline friends find the hair pieces and make it their own.

They will chase it, swipe it across the floor, paw it and whine for it.

The hair ties can make good use; you can use them to make a good toy for your kittie.

5) Yarn:

Balling up a thread can be a good toy for your feline friend. If you are looking for an expensive cat toy, do not spend your hard-earned money, instead of ball up a yarn.

Cats love the idea of chasing and hook their paws into something and bit.

They love to bat around and chase something in your living room. The cats love to chase yarn when they are not balled up. The yarn rolls look similar to a mouse’ tail, and they keep themselves entertained for hours.

6) String:

A string on a blanket, attached to a shirt or something else will make an excellent personal toy for your feline friend. You need to remove your shirt or the thing you connected before your cat finds it and tear it off. You are going to find your cat entertained for hours.

If you want to add some more excitement to this DIY, put some in a ball for the cat and let your friend run around after it.

It will make a light toy, easy to move around on the floor, easy to attack and play with. Your cat will enjoy this little DIY; you get a personal cat toy without spending any fortune.

7) Bags:

Bags can make a good toy. If you have a purse, plastic bag, or paper bag, your cat is going to love it. Just keep in mind that plastic bags are dangerous to health for your kids as well as your cats. So, if you do not allow your kids to play with those bags, do not let your kittie friends play with them. In case you have a paper bag or gift bag, you will find that your kittie will enjoy messing with those bags.

The cats try to get inside of anything which is rounded. They try to get inside, knock them around, or even hide inside them. The paper bags make noise what the cats love and have fun.

8) Balls:

Small bouncy balls that come with your children toys are considered the best entertainment things for cats. Whether you have a cat or dog, you see that your friends fetch that ball back when you or your kid rolls it. The cats do not carry the ball; instead, they chase it bat around and bite it. It’s a great way of entertainment when you want your kids, and your kittie plays together, and you want to witness that playful moment.

9) Jewellery:

Big fake necklaces make a great cat toy. The cats love the sound the neckless create on the floor. Cats push those beads and get amused with the noise. They love the fact that neckless travel fast on the floor when they throw around.

If you are going to give your cat jewelry to play, make sure not to provide them with ear-ring or some little jewelry. The cats can swallow that small jewelry and choke on.

10) Shoes and shoelaces:

Shoes with untied laces are something more significant than expensive toys. Cats are obsessed with any shoes, and you see them rubbing their body around with the shoes. If you have a shoe with big untied laces, it is going to add icing on the cake for two reasons. For one, cats love shoes as pet owners do not let them rub and sniff around the shoes as they can ruin the shoes. Second, untie shoes for them resembles some rodent animals. They are some most pleasurable things for them and love to play with them.

However, you do not let your cats play with your good shoes; they can ruin them if you are not careful.

11) Suitcases:

You know kitties love to play with boxes and tunnels; they love to hide inside a box or tube and expect their owners to find them inside the boxes.

If you cannot have boxes, suitcases are great hiding toys for your kitties.

It does not matter whether you have a hard case, duffle, an overnight bag. They just need to jump inside it and hide. You can add the cherry on the cake, by adding some old clothes, towels or some soft papers or bags.

12) Ice Cubes:

Though, this ice thing allures dogs more than cats. Still, in hot summers the ice cubes will make a good cat playable. The cats will find it amusing sliding an ice cube around the flood.

For making the ice cubs’ special for your cat, you can add catnip, chicken broth or fish oil in the ice cube, and label them as kitty cubes.

Final Thought:

Cats are an adorable animal, and we love to spend time with them. Even when we are not at home, we feel worried about their well-being. Entertainment is a necessary part of their lives, and if you cannot amuse them with something simple, you have no right to call yourself a pet lover.

These are some handy DIY to come up with new cat toys without spending a single penny.

Remember that these toys can all be infused with catnip for even more fun!

You can prepare some outstanding cat toys out of your household items.

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