Best Brush for Long Haired Cats 2019

Best Brush for Long Haired Cats 2019

5 Best Brushes For Long Haired Cats

Cats spend lots of time in grooming. As per the latest reports, a cat on average spends almost 60% of its time in grooming. They have a natural desire to stay clean; their tongue does so much in terms of keeping their skin clean and smooth.

For a long-haired cat, it becomes hard to stay clean. Their fur is vulnerable to tangles and hairballs. If you have a long-haired cat, you would know they shed 24 hours a day. Your home becomes absolutely awash in fur. If you want to pay close attention to your kitty’s hygiene and minimize your home from fur floating, you need to have a cat brush. Brush your kitty’s long hair almost every day, and make sure, they do not catch fleas.

Short haired cats should be brushed once to twice a week, while long-haired cat requires every day brushing. You need to brush them once a day.

Do you have already found a long-hair cat’s brush or comb, or finding it difficult to pick one, as arrays of option have put you in confusion? You have nothing to worry about, just stick to the page and read the best brush for long-haired cats.

1) Self Cleaning Slicker (Editor's choice)


If kitty’s grooming is your utmost priority, purchase a specialized pet’s grooming brush. The Pet Portal recently launched one of the finest products with the name Cleaning Slicker Brush. The brush helps you to keep the coat’s fur clean and healthy without risking their lives to skin allergy and other dangerous diseases.

The brush is designed to offer a comfortable, easy and enjoyable grooming experience without any hiccup.

The Slicker brush is designed to remove pesky and mats tangles that feed on your cat and cause discomfort. You can have this brush to keep your dog’s coat clean and healthy by removing extra dirt, debris, and loose hair. The proper use of the brush ensures healthy blood circulation, as it reaches through the thickest coat.

It is made of high-quality material and has a solid feel. It has been integrated with amazing auto clean feature what makes it stands out in the crowd. You have no need to manually clean the brush, just push the cleaning button, once you are done with brushing. After that, wipe away the tangled fur from the brush.

Brush’s bristles are made of high-quality stainless steel, a tested and proven material to be gentle on your pet’s coat without hurting the sensitive skin of your favorite pet.

The stainless steel bristles catch the tiny animal inhabitant in the fur without any tangling.

Key Features:


  1. Self Cleaning!
  2. Perfect for removing tangles without any discomfort to your cat
  3. Bent bristles designed to comb deep into the fur


  • Encourages proper blood circulation
  • It keeps your pet's coat clean and healthy
  • The self-cleaning feature ensures fast brush cleaning
  • High-quality stainless steel bristles


  • The large design isn't suitable for smaller cats

2) Licki Cat Brush


 Have you ever seen a mama Cat licking and grooming its baby kitten? Cat groom and lick each other, it is a pivotal social bonding experience. The cats consider humans as larger cats and expect the same to make a strong relationship between.

This is what the designed Licki brush wanted you to lick your favorite pet. Soft silicone brushes what you hold in your mouth and licks your cat. It’s a uniquely designed pleasurable brush, which enhances the bonding opportunity between a human and a cat.

By using Licki, grooming your cat will make you built a strong relationship without actually using your tongue.

Just grasp the Licki’s bite section with your teeth, and slowly soothe your cat when she is asleep or having a good time.

The uniquely designed soothe or licking brush has been showered with immense love across the world by Pet Lovers. It is really something out of the box as licking warms your heats and makes a worth spending experience.


It’s a thoughtfully designed product what truly enhances the lifestyle and living experience of our superior nature furry friends. The product is designed in a way that if a cat could have designed a product to soothe themselves, they would have designed this. It strength the human-pet relationship and make you feel the warmness of that.  

Key Features

  1. Unique & thoughtful design

  2. Soft flexible brush with top & bottom bristles

  3. Glows in the dark


  • Enhances the relationship between you and your cat
  • Smoothing for both you and your cat
  • Silicone design feels much better on cat's sensitive skin


  • Your cat may not be ready for the extra bonding

3) Hertzko Double-Sided Pins and Bristle Brush


Hertzko has been a big name in producing pet’s tools. The mentioned Hertzko product is top-selling pet’s brush and has been showered with immense love, the best double-sided brush for long-haired cats.

I have been reading reviews of different products to come up with the list; the mentioned product is the toughest built and only hairbrush with no pins falling out issues.

If your long-haired cats have trouble with mats, tangles then pick the double-sided comb the perfect option to go with.

The double-sided comb features two sides- one with closely spaced bristles and the other with widely spaced teeth.

The bristles are sharp; stainless steel made would not fall out. The sharp teeth, rounded with blunted edges make your cat feel strong and safe with no fear of fleas.

The brush makes the grooming a pleasant and comfortable experience without spending a fortune. The bristles are soft and densely packed, good to knock off loose hair, dead fleas, and dirt from the top coat.

If you are regularly combing your cat using the double-sided Hertzko comb, you would not see any harm coming in the ways of your favorite animal.

Key Features

  1. Double sided brush with thick dense bristles

  2. Stainless steel blunted sharp tips with rounded ends

  3. Comfortable grip for all day grooming


  • The double-sided design really offers a splendid experience for your cat
  • Rounded tips prevent any damages or scratches to your cat
  • Anti slip handle
  • Easy to clean


  • Slight learning curve on best method to brush your cat
  • It's been known for some tips to fall out

4) Pat Your Pet 2 Sided Undercoat Rake


If you have a long haired cat at home and find it hard to pick a brush for removal of knots and tangles, pick this Pat your pet product. The brand has earned a huge name in the world of pet tools; the enlisted product is an evident example. This unit is particularly designed for deep mat removal or knots and tangles. If you have a short haired cat home, the tool may not help as well.

It is a 2-in-1 dual head brush. It has a 9 teeth side for tough mats and tangles, with 17 teeth on the other side for thinning and deep de-shedding. Start out with 9 teeth sides and conclude the combing with 17 teeth sides for deep and thorough thinning

The teeth are made of stainless steel; your cat would never face a pulling hair issue or skin scratching at all. The rounded sharp edges are great to knock-off hard mats which are causing discomfort to your beloved cat.

The rounded edges also offer a smooth massage to the skin and encourage the blood flow and circulation. It’s an ideal way to build a strong bond with your favorite pet, along with keeping close eyes on the fleas catching.

You can have the product for larger and smaller cats equally good without having a pulling hair issue.

Key Features

  1. ​2-in-1 double head brush with stainless steel bristles

  2. The two edges are designed to demat your cat painlessly

  3. 100% Safe


  • The sharp edges ensure blood circulation
  • Removed dead hair from cat
  • Ergonomic handle for easy convenient use


  • Some cats will hate this brush with a passion

5) Pet Cat Grooming Glove


It is hard to get a cat to sit through a brushing. I have been reading reviews that how it becomes hard for a pet owner to go through the process. This is where grooming gloves come into the play.

Yes, it is a new idea and you might now know that the grooming gloves have been traditionally using for the bigger animals. Now, it has become a popular accessory for cats and dogs owners to have a grooming glove.

With a Pet Grooming Glove you can turn the Grooming session into a massage for your cat. This glove helps you working through the fur and helping to brush away loose hair, dirt, and dander.

The five finger design model makes you access the hard to reach places like legs, face, tail and tight body contours. You can easily groom your favorite pet using your hand and finger with keeping your nails and fingers clean.

The gloves are made of skin-friendly material; the back is made of soft-mesh design. The soft mesh design would not cause any harm to the soft skin and will go deep into the hair to remove dead fleas, loose hair or hard mats. The one size design fits all hands, perfect for short and curly-haired dogs, cats and horses.

Key Features

  1.  Adjustable wrist strap to fit hands of all sizes
  2. Mimics a real hand so you can remove hair and dirt whilst providing a soft massage
  3. Eco-friendly design


  • The breathable and fast drying mesh lining renders a smooth grooming experience
  • Cats love them
  • Can be used wet and dry - ideal for bathing too!


  • Can be a little messy as hair falls off the glove as your brush

What To look For When Buying A Cat Brush For Long Haired Cats

Buying the right grooming tool and understanding your cat’s coat is paramount to live a happy healthy life together. Brushing your cat is really a pleasant expression of love; it enhanced the relationship bond between a pet and owner.

Bristles Should Be Spaced Further Apart

For long-haired cats, if you are purchasing a bristle brush, the bristles must be spaced further apart from each other. You should also look for longer stainless steel bristles too. Longer stainless steel bristles are must needed feature of a brush, as it needs going deep through the coat for long-haired cats.

The quality of the bristles must be good enough not to fall off when brushing down through the length of the coat.

A Soft Brush To Prevent Tangles

The grooming brush must not tangle with the deep coat of the cat and pull off the hair. Some brushes also scratch the skin due to the rounded and pointed tips. You look for something strong enough to go deep down in the coat and must not scratch the skin on the other hand.

The Brush Must Strip Out Dead & Loose Hair

Grooming brushes are ideal for stripping out dead and loose hair and other debris from your cat’s coat. They also massage the skin as they work through the coat. So, having a brush which could accumulate all loose hair, debris and other animals living in the skin and pull them off would be an ideal grab.

Different Kinds of Cat Brush:

Novelty tongue brush:

The giant tongue-shaped brush fits in the mouth of pet’s parent, and let them groom using with the mouth. We have added one product, The Licki brush in the list. The manufacturers of the brush claim that this helps promote human to cat bonding since cats routinely lick others and find it a great social exchange. Yes, some cats love their parent groom in the way but most of them not.

I have been reading comments where some pets bruised their parent as they found liking this way an attack on them. So, beware and diagnose if your cat wants to experience this kind of grooming or not.

Glove / Mitten Brush

Gloves or mitten brushing is a totally new idea. These have traditionally been using for bigger animals such as dogs and horses. Now, it has been recorded that Cats love grooming with Gloves. You can find the best quality cat grooming glove and make the grooming reach the next level of smoothness. The gloves are fantastic for natural brushing, and render a great job of deshedding and smoothing out the knots and mats in your cat’s coat.

Handheld Rubber Brush

The rubber brushes are great grooming tools for cats. The soft rubber bristles combs are an easiest and most common way to groom and go through deep through the cat’s coat. They are less-expensive and come in hands in a few dollars. They are good for stripping out dead, loose hair, and debris from cat’s coat.

Slicker Brush

A slicker brush is great basic and integral grooming tools must be added in the cat’s grooming bucket. They are suitable for all hair types but ideal for long-haired cats. You must not be too hard in combing as the metal bristles of a slicker brush may scratch the skin. Go gentle on the long-haired cats as vigorous use could cause hair breakage.

Shredding Brush

Cats are just like other animals. They need to receive love and special care. If you really love them, then keep them clean and groomed.

Shredding brushes are ideal to shed your cat’s fur and hair. Having a dedicated brush for shedding cat’s shedding ensures the wellbeing of your cat.

Shedding is a normal process in a cat’s life and a parent must not freak out with awash of hair around. Use a shedding brush to get off dead hair tangled in the cat’s fur.

How To Brush A Long Haired Cat

To properly brush your long-haired cat you need to follow these tips.

First, use a medium length, brush to untangle the tangled and mat fur of your cat. You should use the brush at least 5 minutes, reaching all areas including body, chin, and tail.

This way will help you untangling and removing dead or loose hair from your cat’s coat. After that, move on to use a long-bristles brush. You can use a slicker brush at this stage.

Start at her belly or legs and move upward gently combing the fur. Brush or comb through her neck hair upwards, towards chin and mouth.

Try to tease the knots out by hand, Use a sprinkle powder if they are particularly difficult, or use a mat breaker brush.

Be gentle on the cat’s skin, and do not scrub over the sensitive skin.

This will help you remove traces of dirt or the little animals which could not be stuck in the wide bristles of the comb. You should brush at least 5-10 minutes and repeatedly clean the brush using the self-cleaning button or manually.

See our top tips on how to groom your cat without being attacked

Final Thought

With all these being said, it would not take a genius to figure out the actual needs and taken care of a beloved pet. There are lots of ways to groom your cat and using a grooming comb or brush is another way.

Speaking of long-haired cats, yes they need some special attention. The long-hair tangle and mat more than often, and it can lead to skin disease or rough skin. You need to use the mentioned best brush for long-haired cats. By using any of the best brush you are able to take full control of any situation your cat is dealing with. Just remember to brush them once a day, and do not go too harsh on them. If you see any other product can make the place in our list, feel free to comment in the section.