Best Cat Toys For Indoor Cats

Best Cat Toys For Indoor Cats

Best Cat Toys For Indoor Cats

Is your cat looking bored during the day, yet come sleep time they’re running around chasing anything that moves? Yes, it happens and we sometimes think of them as being zoomies. They run back and forth, jumping all over and meowing. This happens when your cat does not find anything around to have some playful time. They are a lazy animal, but at the same time, they are a playful creature and need something to play with. They seek a thrill to live joyfully and look after some adventure around to get indulge with.

If you see some unwarranted behaviors in your feline friends, fighting them with some scattered animals, you should come up with some captivating toys ideas.

For indoor cats having a toy is much more important. They offer them something to engage with, beat the boredom, and stay active and healthy.

In this article, we are going to sort out some best toys for your indoor cats to keep your kitty entertain and mentally stimulated.

1) Moody Pet Cat String Toy


If you are doing something important, and you know your cat loves being around you, and you cannot afford its presence out there, you need to turn this Mood pet fling cat toy and let it do its thing.

The cat toy is a perfect thing for cat owners, to distract your cats from doing something that you do not want them to do at that moment. The toy comes with all bells and whistles which could lure a cat any moment, just turn it on and let it do its thing.

For instance, if you are cooking dinner, and you know your cat hoop on the counters, you can use this toy. The toy keeps your cat entertained around the toy, the mysterious piece of entertainment, always come up some new beats to allure the kittie.

It is more like a string-flinging machine. There is a famous saying in praise of this award-winning cat toy that, if cats had money, they would buy this cat flinging tool or toy.

The famous cat toy can be attached to any door handle, door knob, or anywhere else hanging it. It is more like a conveyor belt with a string attached. The piece of string in the belt spins when you turn it on. The string pops out at random times, and it astonishes your cat. If your kittie witness that swinging string moment, he/she would sit and wait for the string to pop out again.

The cat toy has won many accolades until now and is one of the top selling cat products on the top shopping portal Amazon.

Yes, there is one downfall, not that big at all. You need to purchase a separate battery; the 3AAA battery is not attached to the original package.

Why not try infusing this with catnip by following our catnip guide?

How It Works


  • Ready to use straight out of the box
  • Incredible Durability
  • No human operator
  • Easy To Use
  • Perfect for cats of all ages


  • Batteries Not Included
  • Drains Batteries Rather Quickly

2) Petronics Mouse Interactive Robotic Cat Toy


One of the award-winning, expensive cat toys would get your cat entertained around the clock. The smartphone-controlled cat toy features some of the fantastic features to trick your cat and make them chase it as it advertised.

The manufactured think about everything while designing the toy, and it seems a perfect design. The mouse shaped main vehicle, smartphone control, and a replaceable tail. The tail even gets itself right when it gets stock irresistible control the motion of the toy using an application.

The running vehicle with a tail shaped like a rodent, a bit larger. The tail at the back of it can be replaced and swapped with a feathery wire or a string.

The battery of the cat’s toy is splendid. Your cat would get entertained at least 20-30 minutes with one charging. The battery charges quickly, and you put it in a small house while charging it.

The mouse features three automated programs. You can connect it to its smartphone app or get it on automated programs. You can control the speed, and tail flicking. Overall this is one of the best cat toys for indoor cats.

The biggest issue with this toy would be, most of the cats seem Unattracted to it. The most it showed is a passive curiosity as it zipped across the floor and runs around.

How It Works


  • Smartphone Control
  • Customisation/Replaceable Tail toys
  • Autonomous
  • Can Be Controlled By Anyone With Ease
  • Very Entertaining For Cats & Humans A-Like


  • Expensive
  • Charge can run out quick

3) Catit Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats


Indoor cats often lose their natural hunting capabilities. The Catit sense 2.0 is a slow feeding solution that enables your cat to dig for its food and have some hunting instincts keeps intact.

It ensures your cat to work for their foods in some playful manner. The smart design allows you to put some trait in the smaller portions and allows them to use their paws to get some favorite food.

You can insert kibble or treats into the different sized tubes for your cat to smell and paw out. The packages include three small sized tubes and two long wide tubes which can be changed with difficulty levels.

The packages have a sloped surface, to make your surface mess-free even if your cat free out to prevent spillage.

The packages stimulate your cats physically and mentally and let them use their natural senses to get something fruitful.

The cat toy allows your cat to explore their senses and reach up the full potential to live a long and healthier life.

The tubes installed in the package have rounded edges and easy to clean. The entire digger can easily be disassembled and hand-washed with natural soap or powder. You can simply put them in the dishwasher, and get them cleaned using available soap or detergent.

The entire package can be mixed out to further other designed. You can craft out a new toy or some environment to keep your cat interested all the time.

The cats get the hang of it quickly Includes excitement into your cat’s life. The toy is equally helpful for the cats which are blind and rely entirely on senses and smells.

How It Works


  • Great for slow feeding fat cats and helping them lose weight
  • The package features a slope surface, to prevent spillage
  • Stimulate your cat’s hunting extinct
  • Easy To Clean


  • Some cat's find it unchallenging
  • Flimsy plastic mat attachment

4) Felix & Fido Playdot


aser cat pointers are among one of the most sought-after cat toys. We have already created dedicated post best cat laser pointers; you can have a look at different laser pointers.

Play Dot laser points for cats came in a unique design and adorned with fantastic feature. It is a light-weight laser pointer which makes it easy to move around in your house.

PlayDot laser pointer features four modes which appeal your cats and would not make him/her bored playing with it. One of the best cat toys for indoor cats. Three self-modes, while the fourth is handheld. The fourth mode allows you to have direct interaction with your kittie by holding the toy in hand.

The play dot laser pointer toy runs on 3 AA batteries, which are not included in the package and users have to purchase it separately.

If you do not have any time for your kittie and are booked with something else, the automatic operation will make your kittie not feel bored in the hot summer.

Its flexible design offers different sides enable you to point out your day at different angles. Its unique design offers your pet to play on floor, walls, roofs, and many other shapes and areas.

Just set the PlayDot pet toys for your cat on a flat surface, and press the mode button. This will offer your cat a load of self-time joyfully.

The toy is designed for pets; small dogs also would find this toy a nice addition to their fun time.

See more on how to use cat laser pointers with our guide.


  • Requires No Human Interaction
  • 4 Modes Of Play
  • Easy to Use
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Not very Durable
  • Battery Operated

5) Interactive Dog & Cat Food Puzzle Toy


This Interactive toy and food dispenser is something out of the box, affordable and easy to use for your lazy cat. The toy can be filled with your cat’s favorite treats, kibble, or anything else you want.

If you own a healthy older inactive cat that tends not to exercise a lot and are looking for ways to stimulate some healthy exercises, you need to grab this Treat Dispenser. Sometimes, the mouse toys, pointers, and ribbons do not do their trick with some old cats favorite that point; you lure your cat with some appealing rewards.

A cat dispensing toy demands your cat to lay and get a reward to do so. The enlisted treat dispenser toy is one of the top ranking toys around the world and the best-selling product online.

The dispenser features a cylinder-shaped design and can be filled 3 oz. Treats. The dispenser rolls along with capture your cat’s attention and stimulates his instinct of chasing, smelling, and playing.

Fill the dispenser with the favorite food and watch him paw at the shape until it drops out it’s favourite food.

Made of non-toxic material, this toy is durable and dishwasher safe, easy to clean.

The toy offers mental stimulation as well as physical exercise, and lures your cat into using their brain and paws as she gets something amazing to eat around.

It is more like playing with food. The cat reduces boredom and destructive behavior with something healthy and playable stuff which develops physical alertness, fulfill its hunting instincts.


  • Adjustable, durable and easy to clean
  • It keeps intact the natural hunting and chasing instincts
  • Stimulate mental health
  • Perfect for slow feeding cats that need to lose some weight


  • Expensive for what it is
  • Smaller treats dispense quickly

6) PetFusion Ambush Interactive Cat Toy


If you want to add something valuable and playful to your cat’s life, have this PetFusion product. The product engrossed the expectation and made your feline friend fall in love with it.

The uniquely designed toy captivates your cat’s eyeballs and fulfills their hunting capabilities following a unique prey popping out from 6 random holes. LED lighting adds flavor and stimulates the overall ambiance. Your cat would madly try to catch the feather, and would sometime grab it, would not break a sturdy piece of toy.

LED lighting helps them to get entertain whenever they want in the day time and night times.

The toy helps your cat to get some physical exercises, mentally stimulated, focused, and interactive. The chase and catch play can improve their physical fitness; improve their focus, and good for their overall well-being.

The feather can be replaced, would not break even if the cat’s or little dogs grab it. Anti-Skid feed to keep the toy in place without slipping on every surface you want. The toy gets power from AA batteries which do not include in the package, and a user has to purchase it separately.

An interactive automatic play device provides a natural hunting experience using a feature which randomly pops out from different holes at different time intervals.

How It Works


  • It stimulates your cat's natural hunting extinct.
  • Easy to use
  • Replaceable Feather
  • Battery Included
  • Anti-skid feet


  • Quite Noisy
  • Frightens Some Cats

Why Choose An Interactive Toy?

Cats seem to be a creature of leisure safety do not run around much and spend much of their time in boredom, especially indoor cats. They spend time sitting on windows and watching all the world day-long.

This does not mean that they do not need or enjoy playing games with their owners.

Cats love to make, and they love to play and spend time playing.

Interactive cat toys can make them physically fit. The toys engage their feline friends physically and make them learn their survival skills like stalking, chasing, and trapping prey.

Even if your cat does not go outside, they learn the basic instinct to hunt, run, chase, and chase. This is why choosing toys are important for your feline friends, an opportunity to express natural behavior through play.

Things To Consider When Buying Indoor Cat Toys:

It can be extremely confusing when you stand in your favorite pet store for purchasing a toy for your beloved cat. Every manufacturer advertises their products as an irresistible toys, but within months either to toy gets crashed, or many of them end stuffed in the drawer left abandoned.

It is time to rethink the type of toys you need to purchase although the idea of purchasing a cat toy should be something very basic in use and one which could get your feline friends entertained for months.

So, here we are with a little guide about things to consider before purchasing a cat toy for indoor cats.

Safety & Durability

For choosing a cat toy always have a proper inspection of it to make sure there are no glued parts what your cat could swallow.

Like, if you have to purchase a fake fuzzy mouse, pull off the glued eyes, or nose pieced and do a proper inspection to make sure that tails are securely fastened.

For interactive toys, it is good to have a proper inspection to make sure that they are made with heavy strings, that they could withstand many play sessions.

Have a good look at the end of the toy, if it is attached to a sharp piece? The sharp piece can hurt your cat as cat bites down it.


Cats are hunters, and when it comes to choosing a cat toy, it must resemble something that move. Even though your gets top quality nutrition, and all of the meal comes from non-hunting, from you. Still, its playing technique based on hunting and the toy should look with something moving around.

Cats love to stalk, pounce, chase and ultimately captures the treasure.

Does the toy you are going to have resembled with prey either it is its size, appearance, shape, and movement?


Cats are predators, and they catch their prey because of their size. While purchasing a cat toy, keep in mind that you do not get something too large for him/her to fight with.

If the toy is big, your cat would never chase him and consider him as its opponent.


I have been reading comments where people were mentioned their problems with expensive motorized toys. When they set it the toy, the cats get scared and would never come near to it.

If you are choosing a motorized toy, make sure to check its sound, and it must not be too noisy to disturb your cat as a cat’s hearing is extremely sensitive.

Final Thought

There are so many toys available for cats on the market. The crucial thing is to get your cat involved in some physical and mental exercise so that their natural hunting extinct never dies.

On a tight budget? See our list of cat toys for indoor cats which you can make at home here.

These best cats toys for indoor will keep your pet moving and burning extra calories. Most of the product enlisted requires human elements, which will lead to a good relationship with your feline friend. Some just require a setup, set them down and let your friend go to town on them.

If you have any suggestions regarding the cat’s toys, please we are open to listening from you. Pour your heart and provide with your valuable suggestions.

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