Best Cat Tunnels For Large Cats – Buying Guide 2019

Best Cat Tunnels For Large Cats – Buying Guide 2019

Best Cat Tunnels For Large Cats

Cats are just like kids. Both love to play, get amused, and stay entertained around the clock. You might have been witnessing your kids and cats crawling through the tunnels and exploring new things around. Tunnels hold particular importance in a cat’s life. You see your cats spending hours playing with cardboard, getting amused.

They get involved with the activity until unless their curiosity with the cardboard box dies.

Felines hold comparatively higher curiosity level; they never waste a single moment of exploring mysterious places or stuff around. You place a cardboard box, with upside turned down and some holes and place a camera around, and see what a cat does with the cardboard box. Just for excitement, do this exercise at your lawn and gather some captivating moment owing to a cat. A simple box becomes an exciting place from them, and they spend hours to keep entertained there.

Yes, if you want them to have the same level of amusement or fun, a cardboard box would not fill the bill. For a magnetic cat, a box would not stay long, and you will repeatedly be replacing the boxes with new ones.

A cat tunnel is the best thing you can offer to your best friend. It is the more durable, stylish, and best-featured gadget for your super-cute feline.

You can get tunnels designed to be used for indoor and outdoor. You do not need to roam around, have a bird’s eye view of the mentioned best cat tunnels for large cats, and see the unit falls right on your criterion.

We have provided you with many diversified cat tunnels; an extra-long cat tunnel would fall right for large kitties

1) Feline Ruff Premium 3 Way Tunnel


For large cats, Feline Ruff Premium 3 way tunnel is one stop shop.

The tunnel features three chutes joined together to form a point.

Each section of the chute hold a 12-inch diameter that can fit your large cat. Three chutes were joined together to form a hole in the middle where your cat can take the head out and poke outside.

The tunnel comes with the 55-inch long central section, long enough to provide perfect hide-and-seek to up to three cats.

Your Kittie would be more than happy going-in and coming-out of the wide tubes as much as it pleases them.

You can also attach a bell at the end of the central tube to lure your cat to move swiftly toward the jingle bell.

The tunnel is made of quality polyester material and designed explicitly for large cats. The tube can handle the bursts of a large-dynamic pet without any scratches and marks.

The tunnel is equally useful to take outside and the it has a convenient easy-storage function.

Storing is entirely seamless, collapse the end of the tubes and twist it into the middle section and you’re done!

Key Features:


  1. It comes with three interconnected sections with 12-inch diameter – perfect for cats of larger sizes.
  2. 55-inch long central chute offers plenty of room for your Kittie to play and turn around.
  3. The tunnel is made of high-quality 190T polyester material which withstands wear and tears making it very long-lasting.


  • Sturdy construction, made of quality 190T polyester material that handles dynamic pets bursts
  • Easy accessibility
  • Convenient store and collapse system
  • Diameter is ideal for larger cats and 2″ wider than conventional cat tunnels
  • Comes with a six-month warranty


  • Some cats are not interested by the tunnel and won't play with it

2) PAWZ Road Cat Toy Collapsible Tunnel


If you have been looking for the best Tunnel for your bigger sized cat, and still has not found anything, the mentioned product may end your search. PAWZ is the widely famed name in the world of Cats products manufacturing and holds more than one design, shape, and sized tunnels. This specific product offers a 51-inch tube playground with 12-diameter wide.

If you think the 3-section model is not an excellent fit for your cat to handle, this two-tube model is just in front of you.

The massive tube tunnel consist of one long section gives your cat enough space to roam around and gets a playable ground.

The tunnel is made of nylon fabric and steel frame, to keep your feline friend safe and secure when she runs blindly from one side to the other.

The tunnel further holds two holes near the head section, for your cats to poke outside while coming out or going inside of the tube section.

The tunnel’s folding and storing is comparatively more straightforward and flat, which makes it an ideal product to take outside and have fun. It comes in three distinct colors: blue, brown, and grey.

Key Features

  1. Long 51-inch one single section provides spacious space to roam around, turn around and play.

  2. The unit comes with 12-inch wide diameter opening, ideal for more larger cats

  3. It is made of Nylon Fabric and durable steel frame to withstand roughness and toughness of your energetic cats.

  4. Easy to fold, storage, and carry.


  • Two side opening that's ideal for playing hide-and-seek
  • Suitable for more than one pet of large size
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Two holes near opening add to the further excitement to playtime


  • Durability is questionable
  • The cat tunnel doesn't make an crinkle sounds that cats often enjoy

3) Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel


Pet owners prefer 3-way tunnels. It offers more space, versatility, and more plays to get involved. The prosper 3-way tunnel comes with a collapsible fabric tunnel, with added space and spacious opening.

The tunnel features a peephole in the center. Through their ways playing in the tube, the Kittie would be able to peep outside world and accumulate what’s going around. The swing belly integration adds another fantastic thing to make them involved in the play. The tunnel also creates crinkle like sound, to infuriate the cat in the best possible way. It is the one tube which is lined with special crinkle-making paper; the other two are not lined.

So, if you have a pet who does not like such sound, the other two sections would fill the bill, without making you purchase another tunnel.

The product is made of tear-proof 190T polyester, which is quite easy to wipe down. The manufactures also provide you 100% money back guarantee; you can return the product immediately if it does not fall on your criteria.

A well-designed product no doubt, the manufacturers have added protective ends to the wire to make sure your cat does not poke through the fabric.

As the product is more extensive and spacious than others on the market, it costs some extra bucks. Still, you get it under $20. The tunnel comes in plethora of different colors. Allowing pet owners to choose a color that fits their home decor.

Though, the storing and folding is not as easy, still good to go for such a splendid product in such a budget price range.

Key Features

  1. Each tube is of 12-inch diameter, with 17 inches deep, overall 50 inches of the tunnel.

  2. The product is collapsible and portable

  3. Three spacious tunnels with built-in crinkle crackle paper and peepholes.

  4. The unit is made of 190T tear-proof polyester


  • Large diameter is perfect for larger cats
  • Comes in variety of colour options
  • Well designed ensuring cat safety
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Wouldn't suit homes with wooden floors as the material would slide around

4) Dezi & Roo Paper Cat Tunnel


For the people with small-sized homes, collapsible tunnels make great use. They do not take much of the space from home, and also fits the bills when you want to go outside, and take along your Kittie. The Collapsible tunnels make you take your feline friend along, without thinking twice about the pieces of luggage and stuff you need to pack for him/her.

Though the tunnel is made of washable Kraft paper, still, people never came out taking complaint regarding its durability. The tunnels endure the roughest attacks of the cats and manage to offer optimum entertainment span without spending a good fortune. You roll your hands onto this tunnel under ten bucks, and that’s not going to break your bank.

The design pattern follows by the manufactures appeals cats a lot and also make a good fit at your home with your internal decor.

The tunnel also creates crinkly noises which drive the cats crazy and make them run around and play at their fullest throttle.

The tunnel features a hole on the other side, to make your feline friend sit and wait for you, or the imaginary creatures what they can see.

Key Features

  1. Collapsible, quality material made withstand rough attacks

  2. The tunnel also makes crinkly noises to drive your cat crazy.

  3. Designed beautifully, snazzy green with white triangle pattern.


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Simple Design
  • Ideal for small homes & spaces
  • Crafted to lure cats


  • Energetic cats can easily tear this tunnel up
  • Can easily be reproduced by using standard grocery bags

What To look For When Buying A Tunnel For A Large Cat?

Purchasing a cat tunnel might take plenty of your time if you are going without any proper research. Get an idea about what to look when buying a cat tunnel, and what features to emphasize on.

Tight budget? See our list of household cat toys you can make at home!

Consider the following factor while purchasing a tunnel for your feline friend.


The tunnels come in different sizes, and you need to select your pet’s size accordingly. If you own a giant cat, must look for a tube for large cats, and check its diameter, playhouse and openings.

It would be useless to purchase a tunnel when your friend would not be able even to fit the tube.

For large cats, look for 12-inches diameter, the size mostly fits giant cats and would offer plenty of space to your little sized other pets.

If you own more than one pet, look for an extra-large size pet tunnel.

Tunnel length also plays a vital role in making a tunnel stands-out. If you purchase a tunnel with smaller-sized, the pets would explore it within days, and would not find it attractive anymore.


Tunnels often do not withstand wear and tear. They within weeks, most of the time eventually tear and wear down. If you have a dynamic, energetic giant cat, then you look for more durable tunnels options.

The longevity of a tunnel often depends upon the behavior of your pet and the way he/she uses it.

Yes, you can have a durable product as well. Look for a sustainable option, check the material belonging, and try to differentiate which one of the products offers more extended durability and life-span.

For aggressive cats and pets, opt-with a robust mode, made with high-duty material such as Polyester and Nylon.


Comfort of your feline friend comes first when you choose the best tunnel for large cats. Try to purchase a plush fabric material tunnel, which cost more but offers unparalleled comfort what you cannot find with any other product.

The soft products often tangles and snag with the sharp claws of your Kittie, but products made of Plush fabric would not snag anymore.

After getting tired of playing around, and fighting, on a soft material made a tunnel, they would lie and get some rest.

Ease Of Use

Some playhouse comes with fully-assembled, and somewhat you assemble. The products what come assembled often lack the additional features and integrates a few apparent features. The playhouse what we assemble often houses several other elements and components to make your cat’s playing experience stand out.

I loved the spring-loaded frame of the tunnels, which allowed me to fold and open the entire playhouse within minutes without going through any hectic routine.


A tube is the main component of a tunnel; you need to look other additional features which add to more exciting playtime.

Peepholes provide your cats a new escape route. While playing hide and seeks, your pet can go out from the peephole, and quickly hide out somewhere else. Or peep through the hole to see the outer atmosphere, an additional route positively contribute to the more fun and playtime. A peephole is a must-have feature in a cat tunnel; it allows them to sneak away.

Other Accessories

Extra features act bells and whistles adds to the overall playing experience. Such as dangling toys at the end of the tube, or tiny bells on the end of a tunnel.

Consider using catnip in tandem with cat tunnels for even better play times!

Can Cats Of All Ages Use Tunnels?

Cats’ tunnels often designed to handle and are used by Adult cats. I have not seen any tube specifically designed for kittens. Kittens can use them as well, as a small-sized cat can easily go through the tunnel intended for an adult cat. The most significant users of the tunnels are senior cats; they want to find a quiet corner, lie down, and get some peaceful moments sleeping. Tunnels provide them all, relaxing, sleeping, with no disturbance.

A large cat could never use a tunnel purchased for a small-sized cat. You always look for the cat’s size before buying a tunnel. Big cats required bigger and spacious tunnels.

Are These Tunnels Designed To Be Used Outdoors?

I think about all the mentioned tunnels in the post can easily be used outdoors. A tunnel made of the polyester and metal sprung can easily fill the bill for outdoor. If weather changes, it can damage the cats as they are not designed or manufactured to withstand adverse weather. The tunnels are designed super lightweight and easily blow away with a strong gust of wind.

Final Thought

Are you excited to purchase one of the mentioned cat tunnels for your large cat? Yes, you should be as you are going to provide the best playground to your feline friend, and it will add value to the playtime indeed.

Having a playhouse for an energetic cat is must have the option, you need to get the right use of the energy and give that energy a positive direction unless it used against you.

I am not saying that the list mentioned above is the end of the world; there are dozens of options there available. The list maybe could narrow down your research and make you familiarize with some intuitive concepts of tunnels.

Kittens, smaller cats, and large cats would equally love to use the tunnels as their playhouse, if not then they certainly find ultimate comfort to take a nap, get relaxed or have some peaceful time, hidden from the outer world.

While purchasing a tunnel for your cute Kittie, price should be the least important factor. It must not be the determining factor, always opt-with something exceptional, comfortable, and the right product for your cat.

It is not necessarily true that cheap brands are worse, or a product what comes in hand in lesser price range would be useless, it entirely depends upon your pet’s preference.

If your Kittie love spends time playing using a paper bag, having a sturdier chute would not add value to the playtime. You must purchase a brand that resembles a paper bag, and there is nothing wrong in it.

It is all about how your cat gets entertained, and what offers the ultimate comfort to their lives.