Best Shampoo For Fleas On Cats – 2019

Best Shampoo For Fleas On Cats – 2019

Best Shampoo For Fleas On Cats

Fleas are little parasites which feed off the blood of your beloved cat. They are the most common parasites and at some point in your life, you encounter this problem. If you see your cat is scratching incessantly, and leaving itchy bites on your body, it is likely that it is dealing with the fleas. Fleas are the worst nightmare a pet owner can have. With raising the mercury level, every pet owner becomes conscious of the fleas. They relentlessly bit your cat, leaving them itchy, scratched and irritated all the time. You need to know that, if your cat has fleas you have the fleas. The fleas just do not stop with your cat, the infestation can sky-rocket and awash the entire home.

So, it is really important to save your cat and your home from the flea potential harm.

Shampoos are one of the popular choices to kill Fleas and other insects. The fleas Shampoos for Cats are convenient, easy to use a proven method for Fleas killing. Give your cat a flea bath and kill existing fleas and eliminate your home from the re-infestation of fleas.

We have put together a list of Best shampoo for fleas on the cat, have a look and pick a shampoo accordingly the situation.


Vet’s best has been one of the big names in the pet’s treatment products manufacturing. You see many top-selling treatment products with the same name. The mentioned Flea killing Dog and Cat shampoo has been formulated to kill fleas on your cat’s coat.

If you see your cat has come up home with a bunch of fleas and is scratching intensely, have this shampoo on board, and get rid off the fleas within 10 minutes.

The Vet’s best Fleas shampoo offers double protection. It not only kills fleas but flea larva, flea eggs, and lice. The Shampoo is a replant to the fleas, with using it once a week, your pet would never catch any fleas, deodorize your cat’s coat.

One point worth mentioning, it is not a harsh chemical based Shampoo, to make your cat feels burning or any other allergies. It is a 100 percent certified natural essential and plant-based ingredients made shampoo which provides fast acting formula against any kind of fleas and ticks.

The best Flea shampoo on cat holds no extra fragrance other than natural ingredients. You may smell like tea tree oil, or for many like a peppermint.

Give the product a shot and you will never regret, 100-percent natural product to get rid of fleas without spending a ton.

It’s quite quick and easy to use a natural ingredient based shape with immediate results. With just one bath, within ten minutes, all fleas will be dead, with no jumping off from the coat.

Key Features:

  1. Natural Plant Bases Ingredients
  2. No added perfumes for a fragrance free wash
  3. Kills fleas/ticks on contact


  • Waterless foam for cats who hate baths
  • Budget Friendly
  • Easy To Apply


  • Kills fleas but doesn't prevent them from coming back
  • Cannot be used repeatedly

2) Advantage Flea Shampoo


Is your cat facing the worst kind of fleas itching and scratching? Advantage Flea and Tick treatment Shampoo will protect your cat from potential harms from parasitic pets and kills fleas on the contact.

This is a scientifically formulated, unscented shampoo, a nice blend of different natural ingredients what will work for cats and dogs of age 12 weeks. The product has been made using natural ingredients; very less amount of chemical is used to make the product work on the go.

Lathering shampoo has been formulated to treat the fleas itching and infestation from head to toe, complete and immediate protection.

If your cat has lots of fleas that you need to leave the shampoo in long enough to coat to saturate the hair to get really impressive deep results.

As I mentioned the product is completely formulated using natural ingredients, it does not have any residual effect.

Key Features

  1. Natural Ingredients 

  2. Unscented shampoo with no residual effects

  3. Kills on contact


  • Scientifically formulated shampoo
  • Gentle Shampoo
  • Prevents re-infestation


  • Do not repeat treatment for another week
  • Thinner shampoo formula compared to others

3) Sentry PurrScriptions Flea Shampoo


Cats catch fleas from dogs and other animals with fleas. When a cat and the animal come in contact fleas pass between them. The cats spend most of their time roaming around, playing with neighbours cats and other animals are prone to flea infestation. If you do not put special attention to the fleas and do not follow the treatment to get the fleas rid of, the entire home awash with the fleas infestation.

If you see the cat is scratching, and feeling itchy, Sentry has formulated one of the best things to deal with. The sentry PurrScriptions Shampoo has been tested and proven on different cats with fleas, and all were found free with one application.

The Sentry PurrScriptions For cats is formulated with powerful active ingredients like Pyrethrins that kills the fleas and ticks on contact. The Nylar ingredient presence keeps the eggs and even other fleas away from your cat for 4 long weeks. The shampoo completely clean deodorizes your cat’s coat and leaves a refreshing smell.

The shampoo is mixed with the natural Coconut berry fragrance and Coconut conditioners to give a fresh fragrance out of your cat’s coat.

The product is appropriate to use for cats and kittens of age 12 weeks. The shampoo leaves your cat’s fur looking shiny, and you will see extra grooming than it was before.

The product is wallet-friendly and available in a 12-ounce bottle. I have been reading the reviews, to come with a detailed product review. I found most of the reviews were exceeding my expectation with the product, overall a good product to deal with cat’s fleas. One application will do the wonder, and you will not see any flea coming out of the coat alive.

Key Features

  1. The active ingredients kill fleas on contact, up to 4 weeks of continuous protection against fleas and eggs.

  2. The Shampoo leaves your fur’s coat shiny, with fresh and clean smelling


  • Powerful active natural ingredients to tackle with a flea issues
  • Completely clean and deodorise your cat's skin
  • Rich In Coconut Conditioners
  • Coconut Berry Scent


  • May require multiple applications for long-haired cats
  • Doesn't repel fleas

4) Adams Flea and Tick Cleansing Shampoo


When an animal with the fleas moves around, the fleas multiply. In one day on average, about 50 eggs produced each day. The eggs spread and fall from the cat into the environment, which leads to a massive infestation of fleas around.

Within days the eggs hatch in larvae. At one point, they come dormant, with the capability to feed on the cat’s skin, they can live up to two years.

So, if you are feeling that your cat’s scratching more than normal, do not overlook it. Have a subtle Fleas Treatment plan to get rid them away. Adams Flea and Tick cleaning Shampoo are one of the finest ways to kill fleas, eggs, and larvae. You get around the clock protection from fleas catching again, and you get them killed within minutes of contact.

The Shampoo is great for nearly any Pooch. One of the best product we have seen in years checks all the boxes right and falls right on every criterion of quality fleas killing shampoo on cats. The shampoo kills pests of all sorts, contains soothing ingredients to make your pup feel comfortable to the itching and scratching.

The product is formulated with natural ingredients such as Oatmeal and Coconut. The ingredients will not only kill all sorts of fleas and pests but leaves the fur shiny, fluffy and dandruff free. It also helps you get rid of dirt, ticks, and dandruff.

So, have one of the best-selling online Best Shampoo for fleas on cats and kill fleas on the spot.

Key Features

  1. Contains Pyrethrins Insecticides, effectively killing fleas and ticks

  2. Kills fleas and larvae eggs around your home
  3. Prevents re-infestation


  • Keeps your cat safe and secure from all eggs and larvae for 28 days
  • Anti-dandruff, and leave the cat's coat soft and glossy
  • Easy to apply
  • Breaks the flea life cycle


  • Hazardous to humans

What To look For When Buying Cat Flea Shampoo?

Flea and tick shampoos are the best solution for Cats with fleas. There are many other options to choose from, but experiments have shown that Shampoos are the safest ways to treat Cat with fleas.

Yes, every cat is different. You need to look on few factors before deciding which shampoo to go with. Animal’s medical history, tolerance with water and few other things are important to learn before purchasing a Shampoo for cats with fleas.

The shampoos what we usually witness in markets come in three main categories.

Natural Shampoo

Natural flea shampoos are formulated using natural ingredients. They usually have a chemical called d-limonene as the active ingredients. The chemical attacks on the fleas’ nervous system, and hinders their ways to hatch new eggs’ D-limonene is often extracted from citrus peel and safe for humans, cats, and dogs.

So, if you have a normal to average flea’s issues, should not opt-with harsh chemical shampoos, they can be dangerous to the skins.

Organic Shampoo

Organic Shampoos are formulated with essential oils. They are considered the best product to repel ticks, fleas and other pests. The shampoos are often used for small kittens, age between 2-4 weeks. The essential oils do not kill fleas but create an odour which repels the fleas and other pests.

The organic shampoos keep the Cat’s fur shiny and fluffy, with no side effects on the skins. If the cat’s facing minor fleas issue, having an organic shampoo on board would get the job done.

Chemical Shampoo

If your beloved cat is facing worse flea issue, it is imperative to use a chemical shampoo. This kind of shampoos busts the fleas and ticks and stops their hatching cycle on the contact.

The Shampoos synthesis in labs and contain Pyrethrins. The ingredients kill insects by inferring with their nervous system. The Chemical shampoos must not be repeatedly used on a cat’s skin as they can lead to skin disease or burn skin. If you see a certain chemical shampoo leaving no substantial results even after applying it twice a day, do not go further ahead and try to consult a specialist. As continuous applying may lead to severe skin diseases and I have seen many pet owners commenting such things already.

How to Properly Apply Cat Shampoo:

Every Flea shampoo comes with different guidelines. Before applying any, read the instructions and guidelines. Each shampoo will have a different chemical combination, and its packaging will elaborate on the entire process of applying it.

We are going to elaborate on some general tips to make the process more fruitful.

You can also check our guide on 5 tips on how to bathe a cat who hates water for extra information

Apply Shampoo Top to Bottom

While applying the lather on a cat’s body, start it at the head before moving towards body, sides, stomach, paws, and tails. Keep in mind, the Shampoo is a sort of chemical, keep the eyes and mouth away from it. It can be irritating. Apply the shampoo thoroughly, and do not leave any place such as the back of the ears, these are the places where fleas most of the time hidden.

Allow Shampoo To Saturate

Yes, cats do not like bathing. But, their safety comes first to you and you make them go through the process in any case. Apply the shampoo on their coat and leave it for about five minutes. Give the shampoo time to saturate to reach deep in the coat, especially for the long-haired cats. This helps to reach-out hidden fleas deep in the skin and kills them away.

Use A Flea Comb

Using a fine-toothed flea comb while applying a flea shampoo helps a lot, this makes sure no fleas should flee away, the flea comb will gather all living specimens, drop them into a container besides to make sure they do not get back onto your cat.


See our guide on top brushes for long haired cats if your feline friend is extra fuzzy!

Rinse Thoroughly

If you are done with bathing and combing, rinse off all the shampoo, application of shampoo on a cat’s skin for long periods of time irritate the skin, that’s exactly opposite what you are trying to achieve with the treatment.

If you have been using any skin product or hair shampoo for your cat, you must speak with your vet, maybe you could get a mix up with the flea shampoo.

How Often Should I Use Flea Shampoo?

It totally depends upon the situation your cat is dealing with and the shampoo type. Some flea shampoos are tougher, harsh to the skin and can affect the cat’s skin in another way round if used repeatedly.

So, you need to read the manufacturer’s advice and act accordingly.

Some shampoos are designed to be used once in a month, whereas some are alright to use once in a week or daily. So, read out the label and see how often you could use the shampoo.

Is It Safe For Kittens?

This is one of the most important questions, and it needs to be addressed.

The vast majority of flea’s shampoos are not safe for kittens. The kittens of the age lesser than 12 weeks should not be treated with the harsh chemical based fleas shampoos. The kitten’s skins are softer, vulnerable to the harsh chemicals. The shampoos which are tougher on the fleas leave bad impacts on the soft Kittens skins. So, if you are going to use a shampoo to deal with the kitten’s fleas, must read their label and see if the product is safe for kittens or not.

For kittens, if the shampoos are not available, you can some traditional gentle method to deal with the fleas.

Final Thought

We hope you have found this buying guide helpful. We have put forward a list of Best shampoo for fleas on the cat. You need to check out all the products and their pros & cons before reaching out to the final conclusion. If you ask us to recommend the best products what in our eyes stand out that would be the Vet’s best. This product is a clear winner and our top recommendation for the best flea shampoos.

Be sure to follow other guidelines to flea prevention and treatment, as only using a shampoo can never solve the problem.