How To Use A Cat Laser Pointer

How To Use A Cat Laser Pointer

Top Tips On How To Use A Cat Laser Pointer

Cats are a beautiful creatures and one of the most adopted pet animals across the globe. They are smarter than dogs and other members of the Cat family (with apologies to the dog lovers). The beautiful creature’s mood swings are delightful, at one moment they are aloof, indifferent, would not seem to interact with anyone in the home and at the other moments, they are prancing hopefully from one corner of the room to the other.

Indoor cats sleep a lot and the absence of outdoor activity impacts on their health. We need something to make them chasing, as cats are great at picking up movement, they love to chase things.

It makes every sense that a bright, tiny, quickly moving red dot drives them crazy. Cats hold affinity to shiny dots, colorful things, and illuminated stuff. Having a cat Laser Pointer or cat pointer toy can be one of the most effective ways to keep them happy and active.

A laser pointer not only quickly removes your cat from boredom but helps stimulates the mental situation. The inherited chasing and catching abilities of the cat would remain intact, even living within a surrounded boundary.

We are going to sort out a guide on How to Use a Cat Laser Pointer with useful tips. But, before moving further, we need to address other issues pertinent to cat laser pointers quickly.

There is another side of the story, laser pointer for cats can be harmful to their health, mental situation, and above all eyes. There is some rigorous proof which showcases the statement a genuine and authentic.

So, let’s elaborate on how to use a laser pointer without any problems.

Why do you need a Cat Laser Pointer?

Let me ask a simple question, what is a cat’s favorite activity?

Most of you would say, chasing a mouse? No not at all…!

The answer is sleeping. Yes! A cat on an average spends almost 16 hours a day in sleeping, and if it is an indoor cat, the span may extend to 20-hours. For an indoor cat, this causes a significant exercise crisis what impacts a lot on its health, right?

We love our feline like a baby. And we always try to provide everything possible at their comfort, without struggling very hard like the way we treat our babies and strive to ensure everything possible in our hand and range. In the same way, we do not them go through a struggle in getting their foods and other stuff. In a long-run, this affects our cat’s well-being. And with time, the things get worse.

Many say it is cruel to use a laser cat; it seems more like fooling your feline. No, it is not…!

You are not fooling your cat or not making them drive crazy you are helping them to get some physical activities. I have mentioned it earlier in my post that they are the smartest member of the Cat family. They got the instinct to the hunters, and within a few minutes, they differentiate between an actual hunt and things which are meant for play.

A cat laser pointer can be the best toy, as it engages your cat with your kids and other members of the time directly.

But, make sure you do not put the light directly on your cat’s eyes.

Do laser pointers harm to cat’s eyes?

I want to make it clear once, and for all, the laser pointers (range 1-5 mill watts) are not harmful to cats. Aside from that, you put the lights directly into the eyes of a cat deliberately.

I have been asking the same question repeatedly, can a laser beam light cause permanent eye damage in your cat? Yes, it will affect the eyes if you directly put the laser beam into the eyes. The laser beam lights are harmful to any creature, for humans as well. If you put lights into human eyes, the damage will be the same.

Cat laser pointer usually feature laser light in the range of 1-5 mill watts, they are safe for humans and cats, but repetitive use would cause harm.

Additionally, not all laser pointers come with the mentioned ranges of mill watts, they can be much higher than this, and impacts will worsen than that. They would not be safe for humans and cats alike.

So, always look for the models which are safe for animals, and read the label indicating that they are safe or not for the eyes.

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Tips for using a cat laser pointer in the right way:

Cat laser pointers come in a myriad of range; we get our hands on plenty of different sizes of laser pointers with a different mode of use. There are some tips you always need to care about no matter the type of the laser or toy you are using.

Never Point the Laser beam directly in the eyes:

Do not ever point the laser beam direct at your cat’s eyes. The usual laser beams or Cat laser pointers range 1-5 mill watts which do not harm the humans or cat’s eyes. But, putting the light directly in eyes reportedly can cause retina problems which leads to permanent eye damage. Before purchasing a laser beam always read the label and see if the laser beam range is harmful to a pet’s eyes or not.

Limit every playing session:

Your cat is predator, just like other wild animals of the family Tiger, lions and others. Yes, they are not wild animal as the others, but they are predator at some degree. A cat holds instincts to hunt.

When Cat chases something, in our case a tiny red dot, moving from one corner to the other, through the floor, on the walls and a cat is not getting it caught.

The session can lead to frustration and anxiety as the cat is getting nothing, and it has to deal with an increased level of stress. There are stories that a cat becomes obsessed with the laser so much that long after you stopped it, the cat is searching for the dot.

The intensity, extension, and length of the session may vary and depends upon the cat’s age, physical size, conditioning, and level of interest, or engaging with the parent.

Gaming session ending is as important as the beginning. You should not end it suddenly, gradually slow down the entire process, until it comes to an end on a soft toy or something rewarding.

So, do not just go hours and hours making your cat chasing the dots and getting nothing, frustrated, and anxious.

It doesn’t matter what color laser pen you use!

Cat’s can see violet, blue, green, yellow, and red hues.

Use soft cat toys and cat food as a prize:

When a cat is chasing a red dot, in the end, it needed to be rewarded for the hard work and struggle. It needs to get something surprising; it can be a soft cat toy or cat food.

When a cat plays with a physical toy, it gets the tangible impact of the toy using its claws and teeth.

In our case, we are using a Cat laser pointer, which is continually changing its direction, continuously making a cat on the go to get that thing moving.

The problem with the laser is it’s elusive; the cat never gets to catch it. This leads to a behavioral issue in your kitty.

With the behavioral issue, the cat may have to deal with stress or increased level of anxiety.

The best way to end the laser game is to end it on a positive note. I mean to give something physical to your cat, ends the session at the toy or something delicious to the cat to eat.

If you end the game with a substantial prize, a treat, or a physical toy, it ensures that the cat has gotten something useful for its hard work, and it would not search for the tiny dot anymore.

Do not solely depend on a laser toy:

Let’s accept it; an indoor cat’s life is somewhat easier. The wild outdoor cats climb to trees, sneak across the ground, hidden in the grass, track their hunt and get them down. Home kitties spend their times at home, and their only exercise or activity is to engage and play with their parent. Yes, a cat laser pointer is an effective physical exercise, and it helps you engage and introduce with your feline.

You ought not to depend upon a laser toy to engage and play with your Kittie. Spend some quality time with your cat and mix laser beam toy once in a while so that there it does not become redundant.


Mental stimulation:

Cats’ lives have never been as easy as they are now. Cats have become lazy, as they spend most of their time sleeping. Cat Laser pointer helps them to get some physical exercise, which leads to mental stimulation.

Cats need mental stimulation; they get bored being stuck at home all day doing nothing. Playing with other pets, getting indulge in some fights enable them not to lose their inherited capabilities of chasing, fighting, and catching.

You use a cat laser pointer to keep your feline on her toes without getting bruises on your hands and bites around.

It builds a bond:

Cats seem aloof at times and them. It is easy to believe that your cat has nothing familiar with you, and you do not engage with him/her or spend time. With a cat pointer toy or anything similar to it, you get something to play, and the cat receives something to chase. It helps you both to enhance your relation to your feline, which leads to a stronger bonding.

It also lowers down the stress or anxiety your cat is feeling at the time due to sitting idle at home doing nothing physical.

Physical Exercise:

All living beings need physical exercise to remain in the best shape and to uplift the health graph. Obsessed, overweight cats and humans suffer a lot; with other additional health issue reduces the quality of life.

For a reason, playing with your cat, getting him involved in the game is crucial for his health.

Leaving a cat with a device or toy leads to further laziness, as cats get nothing to interact with actively. Using a cat laser pointer can boost the energy level and suitable for the overall well-being of the cat.

Easy way to play:

Some cat parent manages to play with their cats in different ways. Like throwing different toys, and entertaining those following different methods.

But who is going to entertain them when you are not at home. There comes the cat laser pointer, what anyone can use anytime without any big hiccup, sitting at sofa at any corner of the room.


There are some downsides attached to the gaming session. You need to figure out whether your pet is involved in the playing or not. Or have some close eyes on the behavior, as it could lead them to attack you in frustration.

Mental behavior:

It is disconcerting chasing a red dot and getting nothing. It can end up turning carpet, dropping Vases, and in some cases, some cats bite on the parent hand. We have already mentioned some tips to prevent this kind of destructive behavior.


Cats are predators, they run, catch and hunt and get their reward. A laser beam can never be tracked down, and it is pretty frustrating.

Final Thought:

A laser pointer light interests our feline friends. It gives them something compelling to go for and hunt. Yes, there is psychological taxing for a Kittie; they continuously chase something elusive and never catch it. With the mentioned precautions and tips following, you can make the gaming session fruitful for both you and your Kittie.

Always remember to create an ambience for a gaming session. Purchase some toys, cat foods, or something that lures your cat. Presenting a Kittie with a reward at the end of a gaming session relieves all stress and anxiety. Remember one thing, never put the beams at the eyes directly, start with a slow speed, and gradually increase speed, end it on a toy or prize which you have staged for your feline friend.

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